Letters Recieved

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I have countless of letter from people needing motorized chairs.

You can’t read these letters without bringing tears to your eyes.

  • Many people missing limbs are unable to leave their homes without the help of others.
  • Many people with ALS need help in everything that they do.
  • Cancer patients are unable to get to their treatments for lack of mobility.
  • A young mother of two with MS is unable to go outside with her children at all.
  • A gentleman in a nursing home who has suffered a severe stroke is not able to get around with a regular wheelchair anymore for his left side is completely paralyzed.
  • A young mother in Danielson, CT who has spinal bifida is unable to bring her young daughter to school any more because her arms are too weak to maneuver a regular wheelchair.
  • A mother in Vernon CT is unable to leave her house in order to bring her daughter to school every morning.
  • A gentleman in Westerly, RI, who is suffering from a disease that leaves his legs twisted and brittle is unable to leave his apartment for six months.
  • A young teenager is unable to attend class because her motorized chair has broken and the insurance company has refused to replace it with another.
  • A young boy suffering from leg atrophy who just got out of surgery needs a specific motorized chair so it doesn’t reoccur is denied by his insurance company.
  • A young child suffering from muscular dystrophy is unable to move without the use of a specialized motorized chair which their insurance company has denied.
  • An elderly woman whose husband has suffered a stroke is not able herself to push him around any more and consequently they have both been homebound for three months.
  • A woman living along suffering from stage four cancer is unable to get out of bed and make coffee without help from others.
  • A man with stage four cancer in the Danielson, CT, area was denied a motorized chair because the insurance company didn’t feel he would live long enough to make it worth their while.
  • And these are just a small handful of the letters I receive on a daily basis from people who are suffering greatly and for some reason do not qualify, and I do my best to accommodate all those I can.


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Our mission is to change lives, one motorized wheelchair at a time.
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